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Δωρεάν online mindfulness σεμινάριο για εκπαιδευτικούς (Αγγλικά)

Many of us who have benefited from mindfulness have probably thought to ourselves at one point or another, “I wish I had learned these skills earlier in life”.  

Mindfulness is making its way into people’s lives at younger ages and gaining traction in many of our schools, even in whole districts across the United States and beyond. Children are learning how to center themselves when they feel anxious, focus more fully on what is being taught, and better understand their own and others' emotions, while teachers are gaining inner resources of support – finding calm in the middle of the storm, and cultivating resilience for themselves and their students.

At a time when teachers and students are under more and more stressors, it is especially essential that we have access to these resources.

That’s why we’re so happy to announce, in partnership with the Awake Network, The Mindful Education Summit — a free online event to serve as a resource for teachers, parents, administrators, therapists and anyone interested in bringing mindfulness to children and youth. 

For this online training we have gathered over 25 experts in the field, the top researchers, educators, and mindfulness experts, including: Richard Davidson, Patricia Jennings, Peter Levine, Meena Srinivasan, Daniel Goleman, Dzung Vo, Kristin Neff, Rick Hanson, Rona Wilensky, Andres Gonzalez, Ali and Atman Smith, Daniel Rechtschaffen, Mark Greenberg, Susan Kaiser Greenland, and many more!

These renowned presenters will be offering:

  • The best practices and most common pitfalls to avoid when bringing mindfulness into the classroom

  • Tools to create more calm, focus, and presence in your own life, and the resources to teach the next generation

  • Cutting edge research on mindfulness for children, youth, and adults

  • Helpful resources for teachers who are experiencing the strain and pull of so many competing priorities

  • Case studies and interviews with the educators and administrators who are making it happen in classrooms and districts across the US

    How you can help:  We all know a teacher, therapist, parent, or anyone else working with children who would benefit from these supportive resources. Helps us share this event with the people you know by forwarding them this event!