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The Self-Acceptance Summit

31 Teachers with Over 37 Hours of Inspiring, Life-Changing Content

How to Overcome Self-Judgment and Live a Life of Self-acceptance is one of the most challenging areas of personal growth—yet when we focus on treating ourselves with kindness and compassion we become healthier, more creative, and far more effective in every area of life.

With The Self-Acceptance Summit, you’re invited to learn breakthrough insights and techniques from some of today’s top researchers and teachers.

Join Sounds True to:

  • Hear the latest and most empowering discoveries about self-acceptance from psychology and neuroscience

  • Identify the barriers to self-acceptance and learn how to dissolve them

  • Learn practical exercises for overcoming the toughest self-acceptance obstacles—including the inner critic, body shaming, and more

  • Transform your relationships with others by healing your relationship with yourself

Watch FREE the first 3 sessions by:

  • ELIZABETH GILBERT in Test Everything Against Love

  • DANIELLE LAPORTE in The Lies We Fall for on the Way to Our Truth

  • IYANLA VANZANT in Know You, Love You . . . Just as You Are