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Free 10-day Online Event: Waking Up in the World


A free 10-day online event to heal our hearts, cultivate courage an inspire action. You'll Experience Transformative Sessions with 30 of the Most Inspiring Social Visionaries & Spiritual Teachers of Our Time like Tara Brach, Eckhart Tolle, Jon Kabat-Zinn PhD, Prince Ea, Marianne Williamson, Adyashanti, Van Jones, Jack Kornfield and more.


From Sounds True founder Tami Simon:

“ Dear friends,

Recently I have spoken with many people who report feeling overwhelmed by the daily news and a mounting sense of despair, insecurity, and anguish.

There is a palpable yearning to be well-informed and to make a positive difference, to meet the challenges of our time with the fullness of our hearts and talents.

I believe we are in the midst of a “waking up”: a waking up to the suffering of our world that asks each of us to step forward with our hearts wide open, with humility and boldness.

In this time, we need the wisdom of spiritual teachings to keep us grounded, faithful, and centered in our hearts, and we need the skills of deep listening, holding multiple perspectives, and developing a strategic vision of positive change in order to truly bring our love into action.

This is what we will explore together in Waking Up in the World.

During this special 10-day gathering, we will be learning from some of the great spiritual teachers and social visionaries of our time to experience:

  • Turning towards our heartbreak and learning how it can be a gateway to our unique calling

  • Training in new skills to tap our inner resources for strength and hope

  • How to take the perspective of “the other,” uncover racial bias, and reflect deeply on questions of class and privilege

  • How to find an unconditional joy in our connection with ourselves and each other

  • What it means to stand with the most vulnerable members of our society and put yourself on the critical path of being a change-maker

Waking Up in the World is an invitation to explore new perspectives, reflect deeply, and join the ever-growing movement of people who are transforming themselves—and the world.

Every generation has its tasks required to move our collective evolution forward. Let’s engage wholeheartedly in ours.”