A birthday celebration of acceptance

Joy Koumentakou  exhibition Raise Your Voice Festival

Joy Koumentakou exhibition Raise Your Voice Festival

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Another year on this experience of being a human has passed, or has it?

Time is tricky because it's an illusion. It's only always right now, right this moment. Nothing before, nothing after, only a stillness in presence.

In each moment of now-ness that ever was, during my journey this past year, I enhanced my awareness, deepened my consciousness, gained courage, became grounded, empowered, fierce and more confident than ever.

Safe enough to close my eyes, place a hand over my heart, and finally soothe the little girl that felt lost, abandoned and unwanted.

Creating a sanctuary for her to freely run after butterflies, climb olive trees and listen to the sound of the universe in the ocean waves. A sanctuary no longer haunted by guilt or shame.

Brave enough to let the sound of worthiness embrace my wholeness and see, for the first time, that my self-worth doesn't depend on the acceptance of others. Allowing myself to dive deep into my belonging and remain comfortable in there for the rest of now to come.

I sat across a mirror, looked awkwardly into the deep brown of my eyes and timidly accepted my spirit with a loving smile.

"Welcome back, I've been waiting for you to return for so long." I heard my soul tell my heart.

"You're here now, please stay. No need to be afraid any longer. Together we'll fill in your broken cracks with warm, liquid gold, so you can see how beautiful, strong and loved you are.

Forgive yourself for carrying other's wounds. For not seeing or understanding how complete you already are.

Allow the stardust to settle in your anxious heart, and there you'll see the that you've always been connected to this Universe that is unlimited, unfathomable, inconceivable love.

Sit, rip the thread that wraps your heart, open it and let compassion rest, for there lies the future of our human evolution.

All these years brought you to this moment. Let that light beam reach far and shine bright.

Rise to the occasion. You can let go of what was and connect to all that is, once more.

Take the step and offer the world the love, acceptance and belonging we all crave and deserve to have."

I’m ready.

Here’s a simple anxiety soother to feel safe.

Here’s a poem if you’re struggling with belonging.

If you don’t know where to start, start here.