12 things I did that made me feel amazing in 2017



This year was all about doing things that made me feel a certain way. 

I wanted to feel: strong, magical, creative, grounded, amazing.

Here are 12 things I did that got me closer to those emotions and gave me so much more!

1. I started a morning gratitude journal. I write down three things I'm incredibly grateful for and make them very specific instead of general. Like "I'm grateful for my insanely warm scarf" and "I'm thankful for having grown up in the city of Nafplio." 


2. When I go to bed, I leave my phone in another room, not in the bedroom.


3. I learned how to meditate. (check out Danielle LaPorte and Gabby Bernstein)


4. When I wake up, I read a book, write in my journal or do my stretching instead and let some time pass before I get the phone in my hands. It's been a game changer to how I start my day!


5. I eliminated Facebook from my phone and use social media primarily as a tool to promote my blog. I'm finally close to kicking the addictive habit of mindless and time-consuming social media-ing.


6. I cut back on eating meat. I go 4-5 days without it, and to my surprise, I barely miss it and feel really amazing. It's something I want to improve upon going into 2018.


7. Most of the times I'll leave my phone at home. I'm practicing being more present in every moment I can.


8. Entertainment in any form became a priority and not a luxury. I made time for the theatre this year, and it's been such an incredibly emotional and inspirational journey. 


9. I incorporated daily walks into my routine. They help me clear my mind, spark new ideas and give me fuel for thought. It's pretty much how I've gotten all my ideas now that I think about it :)


10. I explored creativity and artistry by teaching myself how to watercolor and started a pottery class.


11. I don't do any strength and conditioning training like I used to, but I've kept the habit of dynamic stretching and mobility movements, and have incorporated yoga into my physical wellness.


12. Daily juicing. I invested in a juicer and now my favorite thing of the day is orange/carrot/ginger juice. Thanks, Kris Carr!

What do you do that makes you feel amazing?