You're invited to my birthday



I turn 39 today.


I keep staring at that number. Does it even mean anything? It's a number my physical body is. I don't feel that age, my soul feels as if I'm in sync with the age of the Universe but according to culture and social programming it appears as if though I don't have my life in "order." Or so it's said.

There's a phrase which almost every woman in her early to late 30s has heard, and that's: "You need to get your life fixed."

Fixed??? I don't see my life as being broken. 

Quite the opposite to be honest. My life path hasn't been more clear; I haven't felt more grounded, beautiful, strong, and everything is flowing precisely as I want them to.

This past year, brought me intense emotions, unbelievable calmness and a loving relationship I only dreamt of having. It also brought me such quality in the depth of my consciousness that brings me to joyful tears.

I've never been more proud of myself, and I've never, ever been as fulfilled as I am right now.

And all that without having followed that one plan - (if you really want to know, it all happened because I didn't.)

The idea that lives need to follow one life path and pass judgment onto anyone that doesn't go along with it is becoming quite outdated. 

So today, as I celebrate 39 years on this planet, I wanted to send you an invitation:

I invite you to reconsider the concept of "one way of life" and to entertain the idea that there are many ways, none of them being better than the other, all being of equal value and quality provided you're not causing any harm.

I invite you to stop passing judgment on yourself and stop allowing others make you feel like your life choices aren't' good enough, simply because they don't align with theirs. 



I say let's focus on fixing the things that are truly broken.

...and that's certainly not you because you're perfect no matter how you live your life.

What's broken is the idea that you should follow one path. Or that you've failed if you don't.

I invite you to fix that.

When you hear someone pass judgment on someone, speak up and say that life is meant to be lived the way that feels right to them.


I invite you to celebrate living life in the most authentic way possible.


I'm excited to keep traveling for yet another year on this wonderful path I've chosen for myself and welcome everything that will come my way. 

I'm definitely most excited I get to share it with you!


Until next time.

Stay Brave Warrior!