A burnout journal entry


March 1, 2019

The feeling of detachment is weird.

Burnout creeps up on you, you have no idea until you realize this can’t go on like this any longer, or someone tells you it all has to stop, you’re harming yourself.

The major release point and the path to healing is when you truly accept you’re burnt out. You finally have to let go of the illusion that you’re not.

I took on too many things that I didn’t want to do. I broke from the weight of uncreative tasks and “doing”. Mainly though I think I broke when I started seeing myself as imperfect, that I might merely be just…not extraordinary.

The horror!

“Who would I try to outdo, if we’re all special and perfect?”

What a great EGO lesson.

I’ll go wash my hair now I suppose, and sleep.