The truth behind self-worth



I remember when I was about eight years old, one of my aunts telling me I needed always to be ready, sharp and to hustle, hustle, hustle. Do ALL the things, ALL the time and don't stop. Ever.

I grew up believing that's how I'd prove my worth, that's how I'd be successful and how I'd progress in life. 

After all, it's what I saw everyone doing so it couldn't be wrong, could it? 

So I hustled. All the time. No questions asked. Just go-go-go.

And not only that, as the years went by, I judged the people that didn't match my levels of hustle. I felt SO proud and deemed other people's worth by their level of exhaustion generated from hustling. 

Then I realized how wrong this whole mentality was and how much damage it was causing me. I found out that:

  • Hustling was in some way a cover-up for an area of my life that wasn't working, or that I couldn't control. 

  • It was a way to numb negative emotions, insecurities and not face the real issues that I had during that time.

  • I (wrongly) thought it was a way to gain approval from my family and belong.

Let me clarify that hard work and hustle is needed to achieve your goals. But what's NOT necessary is CONSTANT, 24/7 hustle that doesn't give you results, which is also not sustainable.

And it doesn't prove our value. It only drains us and makes us miss out on real connection, self-care and quality time. It's not as productive as we think (read more on that here).

That was the old way of doing things. And that's no more. 

What you can do instead is to ask yourself:

  1. What is this hustle offering me truly?

  2. Am I trying to compensate for some other area of my life that's leaving me unsatisfied?

  3. Can I figure out a way to become more productive in less time, and get the results I want + sustain success + have the quality of life as is defined by me? 

Here's what took me years to realize and it's a simple quote I'm offering you this week as a graphic:



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Until next time, stay brave.