Living closer to your core values


There's a massive difference between our core values, goals and the in-between steps we've got to figure out on our own to somehow feel like we're living a fulfilled life. 

Heavy stuff, I know!

An easy way I've found that has eliminated tons of heartache and stress for me is having a clear set of values because those determine my goals, the steps I take along the way.

Think of the value as your driving force, your power, and fuel. Think of your goals as your vehicle. Both combined can offer us a more fulfilling present moment but also, a more fulfilling (gasp!)  life.

Here's a simple way to do it.

Identify a core value. 

This is a fantastic list of values.

Goals that'll satisfy this value. 

What are something things you can do that'll connect and bring you closer to your value?


Take action by putting a goal from above into motion. Most of the time we know what to do, but doing it isn't the same as thinking it. I know, I've been there way too many times! 


With what intention will you approach each goal and your entire value?

Here's my example:


  • Connection


  • be around people more often

  • be more present with each interaction

Here's what I did to put these goals into action:

  • I volunteer for and am part of the TEDxAthens team.

  • I spend more quality, in-person time with friends and family. 

  • When I leave the house, I don't take my phone with me. Presence, please!

  • I call friends that are up for it and talk on the phone instead of texting.

  • I joined a great gym that offers explicitly group training classes.

Bonus step
My intention behind this all is always coming from a place of mindfulness and self-compassion. If one of my action steps is feeling like resistance or is stressing me out, then it's time to re-evaluate. 

This doesn't mean that things will require no effort, all it means is that since you're taking active steps to come closer to your core value, it will feel satisfying, and you'll be motivated and more likely to be consistent with your goals, despite the effort they require.

When we do things that DON'T align with our core values, either because we have identified with the wrong value or with the wrong goals, then we're in a constant state of pressure, stress, and dissatisfaction.

Comment to let me know:
 What is one of your top core value and how are you maintaining it?