The Burnout of not Being


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Have you ever found yourself so engulfed in obligations, projects and work that you didn't have time to realize how close to a burnout you were? 

This happened to me 1 month ago.

When my brain became foggy and my body was a tangled mess of constricted muscles I knew I had to stop. I experienced intense levels of exhaustion, disturbed sleep, dull skin, irregular eating patterns and anxious behaviours.

It creeps up on you, this burnout. As anxiety slowly builds up you want to complete your tasks as fast as you can, in order to feel better and resume doing the things you love, so you keep pushing and pushing which ads more anxiety, more pressure and perpetuates the whole cycle of dysfunction, causing it to crash eventually.

I was stuck in this mode of "doing" for a couple of months, and forgot that my true strength comes from "being"

So how do you come back to "being" after your system is stuck in "doing"?

Here's what helped me and might help you too:


It's easier to do something about it when you surrender to what is, and admit that yes, you've reached your limit. I had a hard time with this one because my sense of self-worth is closely attached to how much I'm able to do so admitting I'm doing too much was strongly tied to my ego. In the end, I said yes, I'm burnt out.


Explain to everyone you need time off and you'll resume when you feel better. People will be understanding and give you space. If they don't, it's a good idea to try setting boundaries - which is super hard I know!


Whatever that means to you, start slow and incorporate one thing at a time, letting go of what's no longer serving you and adding what is.

Here's what worked for me

  • slept for as long as my body needed

  • didn't do anything for 3 days. And no, the world didn’t end :)

  • meditated again (try this one)

  • got adjusted by my chiropractor (it regulated my nervous system)

  • ate nourishing foods

  • drank lots of ginger/turmeric tea (recipe here)


Journaling has been extremely helpful for me, but if it's not your thing try talking to someone about how this experience has been for you, record a voice memo, draw it out, put some music on and shake it away.

Energy needs space to express itself and this is a good chance to give it let it all flow

You can read my journal entry here.

Recovering from burnout can lead to realizing what's truly important for us. It can help us find ways to spend our precious time while enhancing our life, not take away from it, how to say no to what's no longer serving us, and yes to what is.

Q: Have you ever reached burnout mode? How did you cope?