New Year's Resolutions fail. Try an EVOLUTION instead!


It's the end of December. How many times have we said "Next year I'm going to ______ (insert resolution)and stick to it!!" only to see that determination, excitement, and goal crumble to pieces as February or March of the brand new year approaches?

Yea, I feel you.

The reasons we aren't able to stick to a resolution when we start on January 1st are plenty. Here are just a few:

-We tend to want to try something we've never tried before. Sometimes we end up not liking whatever it is we started, which causes unnecessary pressure and stress and ultimately leads us to abandon our efforts quickly.

-The goals we set are unrealistic to achieve. If we've never run a day in our lives and all of a sudden we want to run a full marathon, chances are we won't stick to the plan of intense training it takes. (I'm not saying this isn't possible - of course, it is if you want it but that's a whole other post). We're more likely to succeed if we set a more attainable goal based on our habits-try a 5K instead for example, slow and steady wins the race. 

-We're eager to see results, so we lose patience when we don't see immediate progress and give up easily, feeling like we've failed and not finding enough motivation to keep going. 


No one wants to go through all that negativity, stress and anxiety when the year starts, don't you agree?



So instead of a New Year's Resolution list, I've implemented a New Year's EVOLUTION list.


Here's how and why it works:



I select 1-5 items I've already incorporated into my life and try to evolve them, make them better and take them one step further.



-Evolving something I'm already doing takes the pressure and stress off that accompanies the planning of starting something new.

-I'm already doing something I like so I'll more than likely stick to it going into the new year.

-I'll gain confidence and experience positive feelings of success, achievement, and progress instead of emotions of failure, anxiety, and insecurities.


Below is my list. I've added one new item I want to work on improving this year. I don't call it a goal, but rather a new element I want to "enhance."



- Add one extra 20-minute yoga session a week.
- Incorporate one additional book each month to my reading list.
- Add a green juice to my (primarily fruit) juicing routine. 
- Increase meditation to 20-25 minutes.
- Spread resources that'll help even more people live the life they most want through the "Warrior" weekly newsletter.**
- Enhance my public speaking skills by taking a seminar/class.


**To achieve this I NEED YOUR HELP! If you like receiving the Warrior newsletter each week and you know of someone that'll benefit from them, please forward them this blog or THIS LINK. I know together we can make a significant impact in sharing compassion, mindfulness and living life to the fullest!


Reply to let me know: Do you make a list each year? How successful has it been and why? I'd love to know your process!


Until next time, stay brave.