Of self-esteem and confidence

It wasn't until I connected with and felt the concept that no one besides me holds the power of transforming my own life...there is no outside person/relationship/anything that can do this for me, even though that's what most of us crave.

It's a matter of internally aligning and reprogramming my old ways of thinking (years of social and cultural conditioning), and operate consciously from that aligned place to reach the highest potential of my self. This takes great practice, but it's also amazingly magnificent at the same time.

Below are things I'm trying to improve - do any of these resonate with you



For years I'd been brained washed with all the (impossible) standards of beauty, and for years I have made myself feel less than enough. Never enough in any category of anything. Even when I was training hardcore in strength and conditioning, I had a distorted body image and wasn't satisfied with myself. I've done significant progress this last year in improving this by being more kind in accepting myself, taking care of my health and showing more compassion towards me by taking an online Self-Compassion class.

I've finally worked on my money blocks and have encompassed the notion of abundance and gratitude. All the embedded fears I've had surrounding money have come from a place of lack and the fear that I won't have enough. When I saw that I already have enough (abundance) something shifted inside me, and I keep getting more and more of the things I want, including them dollars (or euros!)...It's magic, try it!

Mindfulness has been a handy tool when it comes to improving my listening skills. By staying in the present moment I'm able to pay better attention to the person I have in front of me, and I can listen to what they're telling me with open awareness and intent. When I listen with intent I can also reply and communicate with clarity.

Painful events of my past had left me with feelings of unworthiness and a super low self-esteem. I came across a fantastic worksheet with a few questions that reminded me how far I've come in life and that I shouldn't let anyone else determine my worthiness (so hard, especially in the face of rejection). 

I'm working on answering these questions to rebuild my self-esteem:

  • What have I accomplished so far?

  • When have I felt confident and strong?

  • What are the things I like about myself?

  • What are some difficulties I handled with success?

  • What positive actions have I taken to improve my life?

This one has been a struggle, but each time I practice a visualization technique, I imagine what the grief and pain I carry "look" like. Sometimes they look like broken pieces of glass, others like sharp thorns, and other times they look like a black, unspecified burning mess...I picture holding these pieces in my hands and release them in the air, where they turn into dust. 

I repeat this technique as many times as I need and each time it gets a little more comfortable to come closer to forgiveness. I'm not 100% there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday or the day before...I also read this by the amazing Jack Kornfield.


Comment to let me know, what are some of the things you're working on improving?



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