Setting intentions to live with purpose


Our intention creates our reality.

-Wayne Dyer


Intentions are the energy behind whatever it is we want to achieve.
It's not the same as goal setting. Goals are a destination. Think of intentions like drawing a map towards your goals and dreams, but with a definite purpose.

When you do this, every action you take comes from connecting with your innate intelligence and aligns you perfectly with your authenticity, and when you live an authentic life, you're much happier!

Here's a worksheet where you can list your intentions with purpose.



These are some examples I've used:

  • May I be productive and have clear communication.

  • May I be open to accepting any situation that happens today.

  • I intend to be open to abundance.

  • May I stop taking things personally.

  • I intend to be fully present when listening to others.

  • I intend to be calmer and take a breath when I feel angry.

  • May I have an open heart to be more kind to myself.

  • I intend to respond before I react.

This practice is like preparing the ground, planting the seed to get what you truly desire. It's important to be specific enough where you're able to experience this happening in the short term. You can set long-term intentions, but I've found it easier to break them down into smaller ones that lead to a big one.

For example, if I intend to have financial abundance, I'll plan to break up the goals I need to achieve to get there, and then set the intention behind each one of those goals as they happen.

It makes it easier for me to have a clear purpose behind each goal, and the intention gets me there that much faster. 

Have you ever tried this?

If yes, comment below to let me know some of your intentions.

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