Huw Kingston

Photo: Kwstas Fryganiotis - Huw Kingston and myself at @TEDxAthens 2018

Photo: Kwstas Fryganiotis - Huw Kingston and myself at @TEDxAthens 2018

Acceptance is a core need of all humans.

I struggled with it ever since I can remember. It was a common theme in my life and I felt rejection in many forms, (how I dealt with it will follow in a whole other newsletter!)

I volunteer at the TEDxAthens team for many reasons.

Acceptance in a group is a huge part of it.

The group core value though behind the countless hours of work we put into creating a world-class event is represented by the TED phrase "ideas worth spreading." 

Even if one talk impacts one person, that's one person more than before. That's the driving force and beauty of this platform.

This year, the bar was set exceptionally high with the speakers that were carefully curated.

All of the red round carpet talks impacted me one way or another, but the one that felt like a punch in the stomach was by adventurist/environmentalist/speaker/writer Huw Kingston.

(Watch Huw's TEDxAthens talk at 7:12:14 )

Ten years ago Huw managed to stopped plastic water bottles from being sold in his hometown Bundanoon, in Australia.

(It's why he's the Real Warrior blog feature.)


This was the first city in the world to do this and it's a pretty big deal.

You see, 8 million metric tons of plastic gets dumped in our oceans every year. 


This post serves nothing more than to impact even one person to take one step towards reducing single-use plastic.

Is there one small thing we can change today that will hugely impact the earth we all share? 

Here are some examples:

  • Carry a reusable container for your coffee.

  • Opt for tap water if it's good enough, which in most cases it is.

  • Say no to straws! It's easier than you think. Or have reusable ones with you. Straws are the one thing that can't be recycled.

  • Opt for paper/fabric bags for your shopping instead of plastic.

  • Avoid plastic wrapped fruit and vegetables.


"Recycling is the refuge of the non-committed."

-Huw Kingston

I've committed to drinking my Freddo espresso in my reusable cup. 

I've committed to always have a fabric tote bag with me.

These habits took a while to stick, with many failed attempts. I'd forget to get my cup, or I was already in the car, and I wouldn't go back to get it even if I could. 

After enough fails, it seems like my brain created its' own checklist.

Each time I'm about to walk out the door, I automatically mentally check off three things: 

1. keys
2. coffee cup
3. tote bag.

Now more than ever everyone's efforts count and are needed. We have such a long way to go but our collective consciousness is expanding, and I know we can all do one small thing that'll hugely impact the future of this gorgeous planet. 

Comment to let me know: what's one commitment you can make today to reduce single-use plastic?

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