Katerina Barka


Returning to her… Olive Roots.

From stocks & bonds to honey, oregano & olives.


Katerina Barka, the founder, and owner of Olive Roots has an inspiring story.

She lived in Boston, quit her career in finance and investments and followed her heart back to Cyprus, to share her passion for quality food items from her homeland with the rest of the world. 



"I could hear my inner voice saying that I wasn’t in the right place."


As she mentiones in her bio, she wants to "teach Americans how to #EatLikeAGreek."

And I totally support her efforts!

She's this month's Real Warrior for her courage to take a risk both emotionally and financially, and return to her roots with the mission to invest in something she firmly believes in: Greek specialty foods and the people behind them. 

Katerina mentions : "Leaving a corporate career to become an entrepreneur is not the easy way to go, and I am sure it takes even the bravest of us out of our comfort zones, at least for a while."

Read all about all about her journey on her website here.



Morning/daily routines for productivity

- I always tide up my bed before leaving the house so that the day starts with the feeling that I crossed one thing off my list. It's a tip from a good friend that I highly recommend!

- I attend a pilates and Surfset fitness classes at my local studio in the early morning before heading to my office. When I get it done I know I'm done with the most difficult task of my day!

- I take short breaks to visit my baby boy at the grandparents' house. A few moments with him will totally clean up my head and charge my batteries!

- Every night, before I sleep, I open my journal and write down 3 things that happened during the day which I'm grateful for. 

- Before important meetings or calls, or when things get tough, I take a moment to pray. 


Favorite book

"One up on Wall Street" of Peter Lynch. It's the first book I bought when I moved to Boston to pursue a degree in finance and it taught me a lot about stock investing. 


Favorite food

Reganada - what is it?  A slice of bread covered with fresh chopped tomato, feta cheese crumbles and sprinkled with wild oregano & high-phenolic extra virgin olive oil. So simple, so delicious, so Greek!


Coffee date with?... 

I choose Shark Tank's Lori Greiner. I think we could be best friends. Plus I'd like her to be a partner and investor in my crazy ideas.