Forgiveness is the best gift to give yourself (+Worksheet)


Painful situations have happened to all of us, some more than others. 

We all struggle with being able to let go of what has hurt us and for some of us, a lifetime goes by full of bitterness, anger, and frustration. Others have consciously chosen to work on resolving what has caused those negative emotions and live in a more positive state of mind. 

Everyone is on their journey to healing in some form or another; I try to practice compassion and remember that we all carry some heartache, a story that may be buried along with shame, guilt, and regret.

As the year ends, I decided I wanted to resolve and make space inside my heart and soul to release myself from any residual pain of the past 20 years. 

I decided I wanted to work on forgiveness. 

The Greek word for forgiveness is "συγχωρώ" which means "to make space." 

Sounds simple right? Just forgive and move on. 

It isn't simple, as most of us know. It requires strict self-reflection and re-opening of old wounds, reliving the pain and shedding lots of tears.

So I reflected on all the people and painful events of the past, the ones I've been holding on to for years. To my surprise, I carried a lot more resentment than I thought.

It was time to face all that.

I knew forgiveness wasn't about forgetting what had happened or being ok with it. Instead, it was releasing myself from the pain and resentment I felt that was causing me continuous harm.

With the help of a visualization meditation by Kris Carr, I imagined everything that pained me as broken pieces, so I gathered them in my hands and watched them dissolve into dust.

I repeated this visualization many times-yes, it was super hard, (lots of tears streaming down my face), but it was SO worth it.


It allows us to heal and keep living a life free of the weight of negativity, anger, and resentment. I think we all want to live pain-free, don't we?

I made a worksheet of my process; it may help you too. It's simple in its concept but useful if you allow yourself the time, energy and difficulty it requires to get through it.



Forgiving isn't an easy task-I am with you, I am you, I know. 

I went through the whole (crappy) process. The key was deciding I no longer wanted to carry the pain inside me. 

It is the ultimate gift I've ever given myself.

Whenever you're ready to gift yourself this liberating gift, remember you're strong enough to do it.

And please send me a message, I'd love to hear all about it or offer any support along the way.

Until next time, stay brave.