My Wolverine Heart


I know, I know that "Wolverine Heart" is not a real or correct term. I just made it up, and if you keep reading you will understand why.

Most of us have gone through some type of heartbreak. We lost someone dear to our heart, and the pain and grief we've experienced seem as if they'll last a lifetime. And sometimes they do. Usually there is a scar left behind to remind us of it all.

Just because you think a situation that caused someone heartache isn’t serious, or that there are bigger problems in the world, doesn’t mean the pain isn’t real. It’s real for them. Try to be kind and show compassion.

My first real heartbreak and the intense suffering it brought, seemed never-ending, and it left me stunned, confused, and just plain broken. It was the worse pain I had ever experienced.


my heart shattered into so many pieces I couldn't tell it was a heart anymore

The healing that took place was intense. I had to:

  • Acknowledge my pain and stare at my broken pieces. 

  • Pick them up, hold them and grieve the loss. 

  • Put them back together to mend in order to resemble the shape of a heart once more. 

I thought healing was impossible and I would have to carry this thing that resembles a heart but looked ugly, beaten up and totally broken for a lifetime.

And that no one would want to love this beaten up, horrible looking thing again. Or worse, that I wouldn't be able to love it once more.

Little did I know how resilient my heart is

As time went by, my pieces came together with scars and wounds, but then slowly, almost like magic and with the help of a lot of love and compassion, my heart completely regenerated, exactly as if it was superhuman, exactly like Wolverine DNA. 

So now, I proudly carry this Wolverine heart, new and improved one (If you don't know who Wolverine is, check it out here). 

I regret nothing from the heartbreak that happened because it showed me how truly resilient and strong I am, once I was brave enough to stare at my brokenness head on. 

If you are experiencing heartbreak right now, feel it, let the pain run its course and know that you have a force inside that is capable of regenerating you, you will become brand new again even if you can't see it right now